Special Offer

You don’t sleep. You don’t eat well. You mask your pain with over the counter medicine.

In the madness of everyday life, it is so easy to forget how important you are and that you need to take care of yourself. I want you to know that you matter, so

I’m offering you a free phone consultation.

Pick up the phone and get the personal attention you need. I want you to see what it is all about. Once you see firsthand the value of having your own personal whole body resource practitioner, then together we can build your foundational protocol and begin to remove the root causes of your aches and pains. I just took away the first hurdle.

Now, let’s take care of YOU.




To schedule your appointment, please use the widget below. If you are already a client of mine and are interested in setting an appointment, please do so via the Clients Only section of the website.

8 thoughts on “Special Offer

  1. Nancy Eikerts Reply

    Dr. Attar recommended you as a naturopath. I am having high blood pressure and thought you might be able to help

    1. allgoodthings@charter.net Reply

      Hi Nancy! He has good reason to send you to me. Go ahead and click on the link to make that phone consultation appointment and we can discuss how I use a whole body approach to encourage repair and rest in your body.


    I heard a podcast that you were on and that’s why I’m visiting your website. Could you recommend a Christian ND in the Atlanta area?

    1. allgoodthings@charter.net Reply

      Hi Cheryl, I will check with my peers and get back with you.

  3. L Moreno Reply

    Tash Hines recommended me to you. I’ve been diagnosed with autoimmune disorders and have extreme fatigue. I’m a single mother of 2 young boys. I barely have the energy to get through a workday so there’s not much left for the boys when I get home. Additionally, I had a total hysterectomy (including ovaries) three years ago. I’m not in any HRT but I’ve recently been having horrible hot flashes.

    1. allgoodthings@charter.net Reply

      Hi! I did get your voicemail this morning. I plan to give you a call tomorrow late morning if that’s ok.

      1. L Moreno Reply

        I will be training new teachers this morning but will be available between 11:45ish and 12:45 if you can call then. If not, it may be closer to 3:45 before I’m free again. Hopefully we can connect soon. Thank you!

        1. allgoodthings@charter.net Reply

          Ok! Let’s talk after your workday today.

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