4 Signs You’re Spending Too Much On Supplements

Composition with variety of drug pills and dietary supplements

1. You can’t name every one you’re taking

Once you start investing in supplements, it can be far too easy to end up with a cabinet full of bottles you mindlessly take from each morning. Constantly taking pills like this can be incredibly harmful to your body. At a certain point, ingesting more pills is just putting stress on your liver and other organs. Know what you’re putting into your body and, especially, know if your body needs it. Otherwise, you may be doing more harm than good.

2. You take a supplement but don’t know its benefits

I’m not saying that you have to be a total expert on each of your supplements, but if you’re taking one it should be for a reason. For example, imagine you were to take extra vitamin B6 to help with your carpal tunnel syndrome. You just mix it in with your morning cocktail of supplements and make it part of your routine. Once your symptoms have ceased, should you still take the same dose of vitamin B6? The answer is no; taking too much vitamin B6 for too long can cause you harm! Once it becomes part of your routine and you forget what you’re taking it for, it can be easy to overlook.

3. You use them as a replacement for food

I hope this isn’t too much of a problem for you. Let me just say this: Real food is the best food. Should you take a vitamin C pill or should you have an orange for breakfast? Definitely the orange. Should you grab some calcium tablets or munch on some collard greens? Greens, of course! It can be tempting to pass over the right food when you know you have a pill that will fill your body’s nutrient needs, but resist the temptation! Do right by your body and it will do right by you.

4. You aren’t using muscle testing to determine the right supplements for you

Not all supplements and brands will work with your body. That’s where muscle testing comes in. When a supplement is in a person’s “field,” the body can tell if it is beneficial or harmful. The body communicates, not with words, but strong or weak. The muscles are easy to observe either by sight or feel. Finding a supplement that will serve you and not hurt you will save you money! I can teach you how to do this at my office.  Call for a free consultation!