The Truth About Detoxes

With all of the publicity detoxes have been getting lately, alternative health has kind of snuck its way into the spotlight. Deep down, I think everyone knows that the way in which our society operates now is not normal or natural. You can see the black clouds billowing out of semi trucks that are hauling boxes of food so stuffed full of preservatives that it could last beyond the stinkin’ apocalypse. Knowing what you ingest, it is natural to want to clear your body of this gunk. So, you might do the cayenne-lemon water detox, drink juice for three weeks, sweat it out in saunas, and all of the toxins just flow out of your body.

Or do they?

I’ll tell you this: I believe that detoxes work. But, the catch is, they work when and ONLY when your body will allow it.

Your body does a pretty good job of cleaning out toxins all on its own, but sometimes it needs help. To prepare your body for a detox diet, you must clear the pathways so the toxins can exit. Make sure the basics are nourished first. By this, I mean you must be eating healthily, drinking enough water, and have good levels of nutrients. Your hypothalamus must be firing properly. Get things moving, clearing out and hydrated, and THEN go for a detox.

I’m sure you have heard of someone that got very sick while attempting a detox diet. I would assert that it’s because they hadn’t nurtured their basic bodily needs before demanding the cells to let go of toxins. The toxins couldn’t get out of the body, so they caused illness.

If you want to attempt a detox, here is what you should do:

Discuss your plans with your favorite natural health practitioner. Together we can create a protocol to prepare your body for detoxification.

Tell me in the comment section about your detox experiences–good and bad!