Tough questions for mom: Crystals, Stones and Chakras

Close up of Amethyst crystal  against white background

My teenage son asked me questions today that many of my friends, clients, and family have asked my opinion on. I guess it’s time to post about it then. I certainly don’t talk about it enough. Maybe because I still have questions myself.  It began with one question that became several more. (I will address two here.) It was a true teachable moment and I am so thankful he asked. Love, love, love that almost-adult child of mine. He seeks God’s wisdom and asks his momma.

The question was whether or not I believed stones and crystals could heal. The answer is simply, yes… and no. I do believe they have vibration and that certain vibrations can be extremely beneficial to healing and overall health. To explain, think of the Periodic Table of The Elements. Each element has it’s own frequency. When you combine elements to make a stone, chemical, organism…. it has a new frequency. And like a fingerprint, each stone, chemical formulation, or organism will have it’s own very personal frequency with subtle variations of it’s components.

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Here’s the catch:

Not every stone, even under the same name and from the same source, is going to be right for you. You are uniquely you. Just like no two stones are alike. When I read “abc stone is good for xyz aliment,” I cringe. Every stone has a vibrational signature just like you have a unique thumbprint. To get the right fit for you, it must be tested on you. I’ve had to do that with a client before. She brought in about 20 different amethyst crystals and I was asked to find one, if any, that would be good for her. I seriously struggled with the challenge because I never want to facilitate idolatry. The stones, crystals, etc. aren’t the healers. Our Father, the Great Physician, is THE healer. But the stones ARE His. They are His design, creation, and an expression of His beauty. They are also gifts, like food, to serve in our well-being. But one size does not fit all… EACH stone needs to be checked on EACH person. The picture below shows how the same crystal has many different shapes and cuts. This can create different frequency signatures. Some may be more beneficial than others.



Then he asked if chakras are real. I honestly dread that question. I know they exist. What I resist is the religious association typically tied to them. As a Christian, I do not want to give the appearance of following any spiritual teaching of other religions. Hindu and Buddhism are two most commonly associated with them. Just because other religions have noticed them through their filters and Christians generally ignore them, does not mean they aren’t there. I also resist the information provided by educators that do not see them as designed by God. And then there is the whole struggle I encounter with their absence in the Bible. So, what do I do with that?

Energy centers, aka chakras, are testable by muscle testing, electrodermal screening, and other methods. None of those methods have any religion tied to them. And yet, they have consistently been testable and adjusted. The adjustments can then be tested. Adjustments can affect physical relief! I know this through a recent experience.

Here is what happened:

I am an activist for liberty in Texas and the legislative session in 2015 was loaded with vaccine mandate bills. While I personally and professionally do not recommend conventional vaccines, I do believe we should keep our ability to choose as parents and professionals when and if to consent to them. One day at the Capitol, my knee, which has a painful past, gave out. I limped the entire day and walked miles on it. Earlier that day, the Senate blindly passed a bill I found to be the most horrifying one I’ve ever seen. It also happened while I was visiting a Senator’s office and the staff and Senators were completely unaware of the bill or that it was even being voted on!! And yet the bill passed! I left in pain, limping, and extremely discouraged. I felt like a Who in Whoville in the story Horton Hears a Who. Very very small….  

The next day, I went to my chiropractor. He isn’t a regular chiropractor, I will say that. He has been highly effective in helping me without popping my back for over 15 years. The day after the Capitol, I was untestable in the usual way. He had to test my body with new questions beyond just my bones being out of place.  There was a block in my body’s ability to show him what adjustments were needed in my back and body. So, he checked my “emotional body”. Nope. He then checked on those chakras in the “spiritual body.” Sure enough, one was out. Chakra 5… which is connected to me feeling heard. My voice… ah ha! The Capitol! My mind played back the day before in chronological order. My knee began hurting after the bill passed the Senate! He adjusted me and my whole body cleared. Literally, that was all he had to do. The rest… my knee… felt no more pain. The chakra was affected, affected my body, was tested, was adjusted, and I recovered.


Fine art divine spiritual artwork, lotus yoga position and chakra system.

Let me clarify my thoughts on the “spiritual body.” I do not believe that the “spiritual body” I am talking about is dealing with the salvation of a man or woman. I think they are common to all mankind and are affected as a reflection of our relationship to God. I think a non-Christian can have perfectly balanced chakras. As a Christian, being a good steward of our chakras is taking care of our temple. It is an act of worshiping God, not of ourselves. But the Bible doesn’t mention them at all. They are there though, and God made them because they are a part of all of us.

I handle subjects that are typically associated with other religious ties with caution. But the design of our bodies includes more than tissue, bones and blood. It’s created with wisdom. How are we to know God, who is Spirit, if we aren’t made in His image in that area as well.