Lather, Rinse, Repeat…

Blue Glowing Cells Fractal

“You’ll never get well until you fix the cell.” Dr. Dan Pompa

The cell membrane is an amazing piece of bio-machienery. It’s often mistaken as the “skin” of the cell but it is actually the brain! It has the job of communicating with other cells, has receptor sites for necessary hormones, and is the gatekeeper to all the wonders within its care.

So what happens when we get sick? The cell membranes have been compromised and the cells are contaminated with toxins. Toxins become a glitch in the inner workings of cell function. Bad cell function, caused by toxins, can turn on dormant genetic expression and autoimmune reactions. Toxins can muck up the membrane function as well! It can coat the outer walls and render the cell famished and dehydrated. Or like a truck that’s gone mudding but without the fun. You try to talk, breathe, or eat with a mud patty on your face!

It’s time to take those cells to the cleaners! This is where homeopathy SHINES! It can target toxins even locked deep in the cells. Once toxins are gone, the body is programmed to repair itself.

“Masterfully created, the body absolutely has the ability to heal if it is given what is needed.”

We shall start with cleaning cells. Shoot me am email when you’d like an appointment!