Mental Health and Whole Body Approach: Saving Laura

Laura Cose Up 4Laura is a client who wants to share her story. It NEEDS to be shared. It needs to be shared FAR AND WIDE! She is a young woman and mother who has been buried in psychotropic drugs for years. The mental image is absolutely implied! It has been taking a terrible toll on her body and mind. She and her mom are excellent writers. Below is a blog about the work we are doing as a team to Save Laura. Her mother, Dawn, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has had a paradigm shift. She had shifted so far towards Natural Health practices with her clients, we have created a community for her to see clients in one of the rooms in my suite! She has seen the devastating impact psychotropic drugs on many of her clients. Far too many people are on them.

My brother-in-law died a few years ago due to the devastating effects of his psychotropic drugs. His young body just had enough. Lithium had been given to him at lethal levels for years. I dream about him from time to time. I dream of him healed but in heaven. If I knew what I know now, he might have been able to recover in this life. I’ve heard stories about how he was an amazing kid! His talent for sports was remarkable. He tested at genius levels. He was very active as a kid and, one day, his teacher told his parents to put him on Ridilin. And so the spiral downward began… ADHD, Bi-Polar, Schizophrenic, Schizoaffective Disorders, etc… And you already know the end of the story, too soon. He was 47. I never knew him with a sane moment during my time with him. So, instead of saving Roy, I look forward. He is healed in heaven, but Laura has work to do here. She will need her full faculties until her time to go. I will support her whole body because… Masterfully created, the body absolutely has the ability to heal, if it is given what is needed.

PLEASE read the blog link and SHARE it if it makes an impact on you. We have a great deal more work to do, but working with the design of the body, instead of fighting it, we can nourish it! Instead of fighting it, we can detoxify. Her body is young and smart, it just needs support. It CAN reset.

Dawn and I will be making videos and recording about the value of Mental Health + Whole Body Health. More of that to come soon! I am actually very excited about this. Her website is




Here is the link to Laura’s Whole Body approach and how I am working with her:

When you finish there, read THIS link. It is how Laura describes what it feels like to be on the meds. It will leave you thinking. And then you will get it.

And when you finish these, pray for her! And her team. She gets to LIVE.


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  1. Dawn Irons

    Thank you for what you are doing on behalf of our daughter! You are forever part of our family now!!! <3

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