Necrotizing Fasciitis…and Moving Forward

It’s a horrific disease. It’s a fast devastation that comes out of nowhere and the mysteries around how we are getting it bother me. Hearing about it more and more grieves me in a deep way. Necrotizing fasciitis is a disease where a virulent bacteria, usually strep A., poisons the tissue between the skin and muscles. The dead tissue can clog organ function like the kidneys. It can get into the blood stream and a person can become septic. It can get other places, too, but it starts in the fascia. It is commonly called the Flesh Eating Bacteria. It was not well known in 2008 when my husband contracted it but thank the Lord our E.R. surgeon knew what it was. He would have been dead in 4 hours had they not completely opened Bob’s left leg and flushed out as much of the necrotic tissue and bacteria they could. His hospital stay lasted 6 1/2 weeks; 10 were in ICU. He had 10 surgeries and 11 months of wound care. I was his wound care nurse. I didn’t mind. I needed to be able to have my hands and eyes involved in his recovery. I watched his body repair with what was left and available to it. The donor sites for his grafts were from both thighs. It was gruesome and amazing at the same time.

It was natural for his tissues to rebuild. We just gave his body what it needed.

It’s getting close to 6 years since Bob survived NF. But the battles continued. He kept getting cellulitis as soon as antibiotics wore off. Back on them again, he would go. It was a vicious cycle and one we felt like we could not avoid. And given his current health, we couldn’t! His body had been altered. His gut flora was wiped out and his micro biome was severely unbalanced. His body’s energetic flow was crippled. No outer lymph glands survived on his lower left leg. His ankle had so much scar tissue he couldn’t quite walk right. He limped and it put strain on his back and other leg. He had 100s of staples that attached the skin grafts to muscle that could not be removed and therefore created foreign body issues. No doctor wanted to mess with it. His leg scared them to be extremely conservative….

So how does a man continue living and working? I KNOW there are worse cases. The fear they must live daily. We still deal with PTSD in some ways. And in some areas of our lives, there is more joy. My man still has a heartbeat. My man is a fighter and works hard. He has more time here with us. I am content and grateful.

About a year after he got NF, and during the cycling cellulitis, we asked our Naturopathic Doctor to come back to Texas to help. She custom imprinted homeopathic remedies to the specific toxins his body was holding and we have been able to encourage the body to go after those dormant cooties and get them out. We saw rapid improvement in his leg’s health! She helped his body stop the cycle. The antibiotics could only kill bacteria, bad and good, and did not support the whole body. Hospital protocols are not built to do that.

How many of us depend exclusively on prescriptions and surgeries to survive?

How does that address the body’s needs?

 I needed to be able to do what she did for him. I started learning and training soon after that. I now have her job in his life.

It’s not a perfect story ending. He had to go to the E.R. a few months ago because he got a staph infection. Not strep this time, just staph. Still painful and dangerous. However! It had been 2 1/2 years since his last infection on his highly immunocompromised leg! It’s a really big deal. About 1 month after those antibiotics, he started to have pain again. But this time, it was determined that it wasn’t bacteria related but from the staples. We were able to help him simply with a homeopathic remedy for fatty tissue toxins.

But homeopathy isn’t the only way we support him. He takes HIGH quality vitamins that actually help. About 80% of the supplements I test on folks are not only junk, they HURT them. They are better off not taking them at all. Through BioEnergetic Assessment, we can know if a supplement will serve the person well and if they even need it! For example, we discovered that the essential oil he was using on his leg was terrible for him. He had been using it to help kill bacteria on his skin grafts. I simply got another brand and it tested well. (I’m irritated that I didn’t check that earlier, to be honest.) He has always been faithful taking vitamins. His supplement routine has always been extensive. It might have been what gave him such a fighting chance back in 2008! But now that he is a survivor of NF, the work to survive the damage continues. It’s never over for an NF survivor. Supporting around the damage is the key. A survivor can always take responsibility to give their body what it needs between doctor visits. Really, that goes for anybody…

Be good to your buddy… your body.

It WANTS to heal. It is designed Masterfully. Give it what it needs.

Some have told me they cannot afford to care for their bodies. My concern for them is that they will become dependent on the very things that keep them sick.

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  1. lonejack

    Have You studied Moringa powder and tea?

    1. allgoodthings2014

      I have not. 🙂 You are welcome to share about it. I would LOVE to test it to see how well it supports the body.

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