Smoking Teeth — Toxic Fillings

I refer to this video frequently. I want you ALL to watch it. If your dentist will not remove your amalgam fillings or cannot do so safely, let me know. I am sure we can find you one that can. The video shows the effects of amalgam fillings much better than I could write about it.

How many different metals do you have in your mouth??? More than one creates a battery effect. Your teeth are the circuit breakers of the meridian systems in your body. Restoring your mouth to biocompatible dental materials is essential to your overall wellness. Consider this, a dentist may NOT deal with the body below the neck. Even if they know it could be affecting your organs and glands, they are not allowed to speak of it. It is beyond their “scope of practice.” If you can put a BioEnergetic Practitioner on your dental team that can partner with your dentist, you would be addressing so much more for your health and possibly your offspring’s health!

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