I’m moving! Down the hall…

By my first anniversary in practice, I will have expanded my floor space twice. This first addition was the Body Balance Room about 6 months after I started. I just signed a two-year lease in my new office which will give me opportunities to expand my Body Balance options to include not only the Hurley Method and Avazzia sessions, but also several other services. I will be adding an inversion table, a far infrared sauna, a vibration plate, a mud packing and ionic foot bath station.

I will be gaining a reception area. I will have more room to grow my supplement pharmacy. I can potentially add in another practitioner in one room as a well-balanced companion to my own practice. I am in the conversation with a Christian Counselor that has had a paradigm shift in her practice to leave as much of Big Parma out of her client’s lives as possible and to let me work on the BioEnergetic needs to support them. It’s quiet a unique opportunity, and we are feeling great about it. More to come about that soon!

Eeeekk! I’m excited!