Your Chronic Pain – The Battle for Control

Healthcare experts estimate 30 percent of Americans are in chronic pain – it could be pain from an old car wreck, pain from diabetic neuropathy, pain from sports injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome, pain from fibromyalgia. How do Americans respond? We in the U.S. consume 80 percent of pain pills manufactured globally.

Taking a pill is easy and we Americans are experts at it! The problem is that when taking that pill doesn’t end the pain, we move into “chronic mode,” and the response most often is more pills, a different doctor and then – no surprise here – unintended consequences from taking all those pain pills (stomach upset, sleepiness, constipation, lack of appetite).

Then, we need more pills to deal with the results of the first set of pills.

Do you see a problem here?

Microcurrent seems like it’s just like those TENS units that we see on TV sales shows or at flea markets. It’s true – it’s non-invasive and no drugs at all, just like TENS. But that’s where the similarity stops.

Avazzia works on C fibers in your nervous system. These are the slow nerves – the ones that report to your brain that your body still hurts. (The A and B fibers are the fast nerves that tell you right away to get your hand off the hot stove or your leg away from the sharp razor.) TENS works on the A and B fibers. By “talking to” the C fibers, Avazzia is telling your body to stop sending the hurt message. Research also shows that microcurrent can be used like needle-less acupuncture, with the same positive effects; research also shows it helps dramatically with pain from neuropathy – something TENS doesn’t even touch.