A Christian Natural Health Provider Walks into a Metaphysical Store…

A few days ago, I needed to go somewhere I didn’t want to go. I did it to save hundreds of dollars. I went to a metaphysical store in my area. I was looking for loose bulk herbs for a test kit I was building. I only wanted about 1/8th of an ounce of each. I didn’t need whole bottles of each and I wanted to get about 30 different organic samples. It reminds me of the “Going on a Bear Hunt” saying, “You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it… ya gotta go through it!” So, I went into a place I did not find comfortable. I was not afraid though. My God is enough. I trust Him.

What I saw was a store full of dark, of desperation, of magic for sale. Literally, things were advertised to have magical powers. Even the very herbs had magical powers listed on them instead of their natural healing attributes. Every god was represented in a statue except their very own Creator. I saw people come and go searching for hope and comfort. One was REALLY hoping to find balance with a particular stone. How sad to me was the thought that he’d find better balance being at peace with God, who made that stone. One of the employees was very knowledgeable about the theories from hundreds of men and women who operate in the metaphysical arena. He was like an encyclopedia! Nice guy, too. He loved to live in the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons. Then there was the grumpy old woman, who was given the nickname Granny Clampett. Oh yes, I could see why. I worked hard not to offend her. The owner of the store was introduced to me and he said hello and walked off. He was not interested in a chat with me. But I walked in with abundance and peace. My Lord was with me, and I could see need.

Granny Clampett was the one to ring up my order. It took a while documenting the herbs I had bought. My bill rang up for a little over $8.00. I giggled because I would have spent hundreds if I had avoided the place. Granny was mumbling about how she wanted to go home to be with the people who loved her and how she never had allergies until she moved down here… She was hurting. And lost and lonely. I grabbed her hand and held it for a good 5 minutes, looked her in the eyes and spoke words of love to her. From my heart, I was giving her Jesus. I was giving the Love of God intentionally. As I held her hands, she softened, and then the largest smile I have seen bloomed on her face. She was beautiful, felt hope and friendship. I left my card with her and went home.

What I learned about my visit to the metaphysical store: It is no where close to what I do. Really, I knew that. But it was obvious being in there. I’ve been teased as if I was selling “eye of newt” and I would never. I do not work in the metaphysical areas. It doesn’t even mirror it. It’s not like I took it in and ripped the label off and stuck my own on it. The way I see it, they are the ones to swap labels and claim credit. I also learned that Granny Clampett is beautiful and worth melting for.

So much of our health is tied to our hope. I shall not fear reaching out with intentional Christian love.

For my clients, you have my heart. You also can trust that I am going to serve my Lord in serving you. Redeemed by the sacrifice of Jesus, I will work to support you as He designed you. I will use His creation and be thankful for its service to us.  I will pray for you, listen to you and search the scriptures with you. I will not hand you a rock and have you place your hope in it. Your hope is in the Lord.