A Proper Urine pH is Foundational to Your Health

I learned about pH in Highschool. The “power of Hydrogen” or the “potential of Hydrogen” were chemistry terms. I wasn’t taught that pH was a big part of our biology as well. Maybe I just didn’t listen. It had no impression on me whatsoever. Until this year. This year, I learned about The Mineral Chart of Acceptance and it rocked my world! The VERY first question that came to my mind was, “Why aren’t doctors even looking into this?!?” IT IS ESSENTIAL TO OUR WELL BEING!

I appreciate doctors. I really do! They saved my husband’s life and have performed a total of 17 surgeries between the two of us. In an emergency, I’m at the hospital. At home, I work to PREVENT needing doctors. Prevention, well, avoiding healthcare, is why I wanted to start my studies to be a naturopathic doctor. Doctors are trained to treat SYMPTOMS. It is the Western model of medicine. If you want to AVOID SYMPTOMS, you will need to search up-stream for causes. Your urine pH is a fantastic indicator of health and healing ability. It is also a valuable indicator to your body’s vulnerability.

Bugs prey on the weak. Let me illustrate as if I were a farmer. Soil pH is critical to a healthy crop. If the pH is off, the plants grow weak, small, get diseases, and get attacked by predatory bugs. If the soil pH is at its optimum level, the plants take in all the nutrients to grow beautifully, resist diseases, and bugs just don’t think they are very tasty. The need for pesticides goes down and the human consumption value goes up exponentially! It’s the same with you. Maybe it’s because we came from the dust of the earth. I like to think that way, at least.

The blood MUST maintain a pH of 7.4. Your life is in your blood. It has highest priority when it comes to your body’s automatic maintenance. And it’s a thief. A Robin Hood kind of thief. It steals from the other organs and systems in order to keep you alive. When you get blood work done, it isn’t a strong indicator of your body’s struggle to maintain homeostasis because it steals and fakes us out. Your URINE pH is the tattle teller. It is the mirror image of what’s going on in your body and reveals the price your body is paying to keep your blood pH within its critical range. Urine pH can very greatly. Test strips that measure pH in urine generally go from a pH 5.5-8. Your goal is for your urine pH to be 6.4-6.6.

The pH of 7 is neutral. Any number below 7 is acidic. And number higher than 7 is alkaline. Your urine, at a pH of 6.4 can take in every nutrient. The first nutrient to lose and not be used by the body is iodine! Thyroid problems much? It falls off the body’s ability to accept it at a pH below 6.3 or higher than 6.6. Moly and silver fall off the ability to take in at below a pH 6.25 to higher than pH 6.7. Next is  below 6.2 or higher than 6.9 with the loss of germanium and selenium. Below 6.1 and higher than 6.8 you lose copper and zinc. Below 6.0 and higher than 7.0 you lose chromium, manganese, iron and cobalt. Below 5.8 and higher than 7.2 is a large group! Vitamins A, B, E, F, K and minerals sulfur, chlorine, potassium, calcium, titanium, and vanadium! Below 5.6 and above 7.4 you lose sodium, magnesium, silica and phosphorus. And in the last group, as you will see why, you lose hydrogen, carbon, lithium, beryllium, boron, nitrogen, oxygen and fluorine.

The Standard American Diet is SAD. And it is highly acidic! It’s no wonder we are so needy for supplementation. Until we can get our diet, digestion, transportation, absorption, and elimination tweaked, we will always be DEPENDENT on supplements and treatment for symptoms.

A simple search on the internet will provide excellent information on the foods to eat that will balance your pH. It’s a topic and list I will get to soon. So, test the first urine of the day after 6am. Do the same just before bed. Take saliva samples as well. Keep a record. Your body is talking to you, so pay attention.

I do want to offer a warning about supplements: We can’t eat rocks. Plants “eat” rocks and we eat plants. Always buy plant-based supplements that have graciously done the rock digesting for you.