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It’s a Start

All Good Things

Why I Love Being a Natural Health Practitioner

Perfectly Not Perfect

A Proper Urine Ph is Foundational to Your Health

Green Allopathy Vs Whole Body Approach

A Christian Natural Health Professional Walks Into a Metaphysical Store

David and Goliath: An Always Urgent Request

Mansfield Magazine

I’m moving! Down the hall…

Smoking Teeth — Toxic Fillings

Necrotizing Fasciitis…and Moving Forward

Mental Health and Whole Body Approach: Saving Laura

The Trampoline Analogy

Demonstration on Subtle Energy

Lather, Rinse, Repeat…

4 Signs You Might Be Dehydrated

I Tracked My Water Intake For a Week: Here’s What I Learned

Holistic First Aid Kit For Athletes

6 All Natural Ways To Soothe Sports Strains

5 Vitamins and Minerals You Probably Aren’t Getting Enough Of

4 Signs You’re Spending Too Much On Supplements

Why I Feed My Dogs Garlic

How to Support an Animal After It Has Had Surgery

Staying Safe While Using Essential Oils


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