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Hello there! I’m Chelsea. Welcome to my blog–I’m so glad you visited! Here you will find news and tips about natural health and bio-energetic healing. I write here to educate my clients as well as the general public about alternative health and this toxic world in which we live. This blog is for those who are run down by chronic fatigue and invisible illnesses, as well as those suffering side effects from pills that physicians keep prescribing to mask symptoms. We are all seeking answers. Please feel free to comment and join in the conversation–I can assure you that you are in like company. 🙂



How do I become a client?

30% of primary care patients suffer from medically unexplained physical symptoms.1 If you are part of this 30%, I urge you to come see me. While I don’t diagnose or cure illnesses, I target and release toxins in the body to allow your body to heal itself.

Once you choose to put me on your team to reclaim health, you will first set up a phone consultation appointment. Because I have a private, by invitation only, practice, we will need to set up a phone consultation so that we can be sure we are a good fit. You and I will evaluate if our partnership would be a good fit for your health goals and then l will pass on the booking information to you. You will fill out a few online forms and then we will set a date! After you schedule this appointment, you will also get access so a special password-protected area of the website with exclusive information for clients only.

Look, we live in toxic soup. I get it. And most of the time, my clients come in having no other option left because their medical doctors cannot give them relief. What the Western Medicine trained doctor cannot do is locate toxins and facilitate your body to let them go. Your body is actually brilliant. It’s wounded from toxins, but is designed to heal.

Let’s get the hitch out of your get-a-long. Schedule a phone consultation today.


How safe/effective is what you do for kids?

Each protocol is built specific to each individual’s needs, so yes, I would build a protocol safe for your child. I don’t treat disease but instead, support the child’s whole body. Most often, the body will take care of itself when it has what it needs.


What kind of ailments do you work with?

I work with tissues and toxins. Those can manifest into countless ailments. I can’t imagine one I wouldn’t work with.


Do you take after hours calls?

I will answer questions via text, email or phone anytime I am able. Sometimes, I’ve been known to respond at 2am. I love to have communication with my clients but may need to be with my family as well. I make no promise that I will have on call hours but have been pretty good keeping in touch.


How do you manage the detox process?

I work with the design of the body. That means that certain bodily functions need to be working “orderly” before I suggest a targeted detox protocol. The purpose of preparing the body for a detox is so that it has a safe path for toxins to leave when they are released from the tissues. If the pathways aren’t clear, the person may feel sick or it can make the body tuck those toxins in even deeper. New symptoms may appear because the toxins were “loosed” and redeposited in a new location.


Does your practice use pagan/other religions’ methods? How is it conducive to the Christian faith?

My whole heart and soul wishes to honor the Lord in my work and life. If I cannot attribute it to creation, science backed principles, or scripture, it does not come through my door or into my practice.


What can you do to help with emotional concerns?

When a person is experiencing emotional stress, their bodies go in to a fight or flight mode. They either have to fight the “bear” or run from the “bear.” The body shuts down or minimizes the digestive system to use the energy in the stress. Digestion goes out the window… Absorption of vital nutrients doesn’t happen… Assimilation and transportation of nutrients doesn’t happen… Elimination becomes a disaster, etc. In our wonky world, our neuroendocrine systems are not being supported and therefore cell to cell or organ to organ communication is not working well. Gunk settles in our cells and around our cells. The filtering organs get congested and it all goes south unless we can recover quickly or get proper support. When the body carries that kind of stress internally, it can exacerbate any new stress. It becomes like a hall of mirrors facing each other until we stop the cycle.

If a person is toxic, they don’t feel well. If they don’t feel well, they can have a tougher time recovering emotionally.
My recommendation for a person who is dealing with emotional stress would also include, if interested, in outward focused living, stress management through process journaling, grounding and prayer. Ultimately, help them to feel better and point them to the Lord.


Can I pay with my medical savings account?

I have been told that you can be reimbursed for my services and supplements. However, I cannot guarantee it. That would be something you should verify before making an appointment. I cannot swipe a MSA card. My provider does not have my device coded to do so.


Do you take insurance?

Happily, no. I understand that for many people, insurance seems the only way they can pay for their medical needs. I am not a doctor and will be working with supporting your body, not suppressing symptoms. If you need to go beyond what the medical field has to offer, you do not want insurance to get in your way. The bulk of healing lasts only for a season.


Where can I learn more about your practice?

I am honored to be featured on the Christian Women of Wellness podcasts. The ministry is wonderful and I am excited about where it is headed. At this point, look for me on episodes 8 and 15.

Click here to see an article in Mansfield Magazine about my practice.



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  1. Viola McLaughlin Reply

    What is the cost for the phone consultation?

    1. Reply

      The 20 minute phone consultation is free. I use it to explain how I work and to confirm with the potential client that it’s the right fit for them.

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