Detoxing at the Foundation

There are many ways people can detox, but I wanted to explain to you how I like to work with my clients to safely detoxify their body.

I customize the detox according to their body’s needs, but there are some major foundational issues that have to be covered in order to do a safe detoxification.

The first stage of detox I want to discuss is the neuroendocrine support. I want to reset the hypothalamus to be able to communicate effectively with the cells. Sometimes we can get a hitch in our get-along and the cells and the hypothalamus are not communicating well. Another thing that is real important is that the cells need to be hydrated. Sometimes we can drink a ton of water and our cells are still extremely dehydrated. Things like splenda, or something in our diet or even a toxin or chemical that we have been exposed to might have an effect on that.

The next part (stage 2) is the digestive support. This is foundational. It needs to be functioning because we are what we digest. So if we are not able to digest food or assimilate, or eliminate it, we have some problems. The body’s ability to digest food is critical to your over all health and your immune system, all of it. So we work on that foundational part at the beginning, as well.

Then we move on to stage 3, filtration and drainage support. And that is like the beginning of the detox. It is gentle and it helps clear out the liver, lymph, kidney and spleen. It also helps clear out the bowels, because we need to be able to get that rain gutter cleared out and flowing. Otherwise the rain is just going to get blocked.

Think about it like this: if you do a detox and your body is not ready to detox, what happens? The toxins move from one organ to another and it gets blocked there. Then you have new symptoms on a new part of your body and none of us want that. We want to feel better, not worse or have new problems. The liver, lymph, kidney, spleen detox is gentle and gets things moving. It’s not something that is going to be deep in the cells, it’s going to be moving and clearing out things that will be in the extra cellular matrix, the fluid that goes around the cells. And we want to help clean those out. The bowels have to be moving, as well. If not, the body will be detoxing through the skin or the sex organs, and that can compromise our ovaries and uterus and can cause problems in that area. We want to make sure that our body is detoxing through the primary pathways of elimination, which are the lungs and large intestines.

I work on stage 1, 2 and 3 at the beginning and stage 4 comes when the body tells me that these are moving and doing the right things. They may not be perfect but they are moving in the right direction, and that is critical.

So stage 4 is eliminating causative factors. This is getting deep into the cells. I use energetic assessments to track and detect frequencies of certain toxins or pathogens and it’s all energetically assessed. There is no diagnosing because I don’t believe diseases are anything but symptoms, and your body’s cry for help is coming because something is in the way. So once we get that thing that is in the way out of the way, your body can take care of the rest. And that is what I want to facilitate and help you do… to get your body to do what God designed it to do. Then we can step out of the way with all our efforts and let the body do what it already knows how to do.