5 Essential Oils to Help with Gut Defense


Bottles Of Essential OilEssential oils are one great way to help support many areas your body. Here are five essential oils that you can use to help cleanse your gut and reduce digestive pain.

Not every oil that works for one person is right for your body. I recommend whole body testing to find what is right for you. Bring me your essential oils for me to muscle test, or I can teach you how to do it yourself.

1. Peppermint – Peppermint is an anti-inflammatory oil that calms and relaxes the muscles. It helps reduce bloating and gas.

2. Spearmint – This is another anti-inflammatory oil. Some people don’t react well to peppermint, since it is a strong oil. This is an alternative that you can try.

3. Fennel – For years, Fennel has been used by the Egyptians and Germans as a digestive aid. It can clear the bowels, relieve constipation and help to get rid of gas and bloating.

4. Grapefruit – Stress can cause pain in your gut. Grapefruit is an uplifting oil that can reduce stress and help to relieve some of that gut pain. It is also high in antioxidants that battle bad inflammation in the digestive system.

5. Ginger – It has been used to help relieve nausea, and it also is high in antioxidants to help reduce inflammation in the gut.

These are just a few oils to help in the digestive system. I recommend you talk with your doctor or health care professional before using these, if you are nursing or pregnant.