4 Simple Ways to Get Your Brain and Body in Gear for Each Day’s Adventures

Walking Or Running Legs In Forest, Adventure And Exercising

Each day and its events are gifts. New adventures to live and lessons to learn. Fun times to spend with family and friends, or maybe you are working today or going to school. Whatever the day holds for you, you want to be able to have energy to do what you need or want to do, and you want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. But let’s admit it, there are those days when the alarm goes off in the morning and you just wish you could stay in bed. You can’t seem to get yourself going. You, half asleep, prepare for the day and slowly make it through the list of things to do (or most of them).

We all have many days like that. But how can we avoid them? Well, we can’t always avoid them. But here is the good news: We can help to lessen those days.

Here are some tips that can help you get your brain motivated and make you feel ready and alert for each new adventure.

  1. Exercise

Keeping physically active is so important to your body’s health. Your brain included. Exercise increases the heart rate and gets more oxygen pumped to the brain. It also helps to release hormones that aid in the growth of brain cells. It helps us be more awake and alert and eager to get our day accomplished. So take just a few minutes a day to get that heart pumping. Do a few jumping jacks, take a short brisk walk around the block, and get ready for the day!

  1. Food

Eating the right food is essential. The food we eat (and don’t eat) affect every part of our body, and God created foods to help each part. You probably grew up hearing certain foods referred to as “brain food”.

Green leafy vegetables





These brain foods, rich in antioxidants and good fats, vitamins and minerals can help improve overall brain function and memory and help your body to fight diseases.

  1. Rest and Sleep

A well rested brain keeps the body functioning efficiently. We all know that when we are well rested we perform our duties much better and we are better equipped to tackle the day’s “To Do List”. Sleep has also been known to enhance memory and help improve performance of challenging skills. You are also better equipped to fight sickness. So let your brain relax at the end of the day. Clear your mind of stress and events from the day and get plenty of sleep.

  1. Prayer and Bible Reading

What better way to get a healthy brain than to go to its Creator! Take all your stress and the things that clutter and slow her brain down and talk to God about them. Ask Him for help in clearing your mind and trusting Him with everything you worry about. He wants you to have a healthy brain, too.