Chronic Pain: Finding the Root Cause

It is undeniable: we live in a world that is obsessed with masking symptoms. All around you are magic pills promising to disappear your aches and dull your pains. What we need to be focusing on is why there is a pain in the first place. If you kept finding holes in your dry wall, would you simply patch over it each day, or would you ask questions and figure out why all of those holes kept appearing?

Now, conventional approaches in this arena can be frustrating. With any sort of chronic anything, conventional doctors are quick to mask the symptoms. Some good ones may search for a cause, but it is customary to give up quickly. If you can get rid of the pain with a prescription, then why bother with the expensive tests and man hours?

I will level with you. Neither I nor any other natural health practitioner will be able to diagnose you. But we are not particularly interested in diagnosing you. We are simply interested in letting your body be the best it can be. We do this through targeting the negative things in your body and your negative habits and making moves to change these things. Once your habits are changed and you begin a regimen to support your body, things like chronic pain or fatigue tend to disappear.

Energetic assessment is a good way of finding root causes of pain because it targets toxins that may be present within your body. Once we can locate these toxins, we can begin your detox and through this process we can see if the inflammation caused by these toxins are what were ailing you. If you are interested in being energetically assessed, contact me and we can set up an appointment!