The Benefits of Thermography in Breast Screening

As you know, I am holding a special Breast Thermography Event on February 18th. Thermography clinics are few and far between, so this is definitely something you should pounce on! Here are some things you need to know before attending my Thermography event.
What is a thermograph?
A thermograph is an image that records the different heat signatures in a given area. Abnormal
heat patterns are a sign of inflammation, which could signal abnormal cells in the body.


Thermographs are safe.

Not only that, but they are a painless, noninvasive way of getting images of your breast tissue without any of the nasty side effects that come with some other screening methods.


Thermographs identify abnormal cells earlier than a mammogram.

A thermograph is not a replacement for a mammogram, but it is a good breast-imaging alternative for those of us who doubt the efficacy of mammograms or simply want to avoid pain and radiation exposure that comes along with them.


They produce unambiguous results.

As this article states, thermography is undeniably the best breast test. A thermogram identifies abnormal cells earlier than a mammogram, and produces unambiguous results, which cuts down on additional testing–and it doesn’t hurt the body. What more could you want?


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