3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues


The winter blues can take many forms. For those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the changing weather means another cyclical bout of depression. For others, the simple stress of constant family time and forced holiday cheer is enough to bring about a general feeling of blah. Either way, there are a few things you can do to fight against the blues and perk yourself up this season!


Keep a regular routine

As humans, we are total creatures of habit. Routines make us feel safe and in control–they let us function at our best! The bubble of holiday parties and family engagements that crowd November and December are wholly disrupting to this regularity and can, for lack of a better term, bum you out. So, do your best to keep a regular schedule! Don’t be afraid to decline party invitations or forego a Christmas festival. It might get you some flack, but in the end your mental health is the most important thing.


Eat healthy and drink water

This piece of advice seems to show up on nearly every post I make, huh? It’s pretty simple: when your body is supplied with the proper fuel it runs better and you in turn feel better. Don’t eat the Christmas ham if you know it will make you feel lethargic. Pass on the eggnog if dairy doesn’t agree with you. Stock up on fresh organic fruits and veggies and drink water all day!


Get more Vitamin D

Many doctors feel that they have narrowed down the cause of seasonal depression to lack of sunlight. In the winter, it’s cold and dreary most of the time. It is easier for us to stay cozy indoors than to brave the elements, which means you aren’t exposed to direct sunlight as often. However, vitamin D is so so important and the best way for you to get it is by getting outside.  Unfortunately this isn’t always possible when the weather turns bad. If you find yourself in this position, consider trying out some vitamin D drops to supplement your body!



If your depression is not cyclical and you’d like to figure out a way to holistically support your mental well-being, get in touch with me. Many of the causes of depression are linked to physical ailments. Let’s help your body heal itself.