David and Goliath: An ALWAYS Urgent Request

Last week, I looked into the eyes of my enemy… and he was my teacher.


I take a lot of classes. I’m gone almost half the weekends of the year. I am in that phase of my work where “tool kits” and techniques and finishing touches are what set me apart as a Natural Health Practitioner. I love it… for this season. Last weekend, however, I came home from a Mastery Level class licking my wounds. It is not uncommon for my educator to be of another faith. However, I have never had one be on the attack because of mine. Until last weekend…

I wasn’t sure how to process the weekend. I was angry and had the heebie geebies. I hated feeling backed into a corner and trapped in the name of professionalism. Especially since he was not being professional. I questioned going back for my final class. I questioned using the products in my practice. God was silent… so I could hear EVERY THOUGHT in my head. I prayed. I wept. I want so badly for His creation to be seen and used in ways forgotten. I want natural healing to be to His glory!

I don’t go to bars to drink, so I went to my esthetician. She’s a much better listener than a bartender anyway. HA! She is also a dear sister in Christ. She heard my heart and immediately spoke so boldly over me. She reminded me of why I am here and that the Lord has purposed me in this circumstance. She reminded me that I am an ambassador of Christ in a very tainted place. Her words stirred my heart and my heart was strengthened 10 fold!

Her boldness on my behalf reminded me of an event that occurred while I was in college. At the time, I was president of the Baptist Student Ministry and was offered an opportunity to host a table at a Merry Meet put on by the Pagan Student Association. It was an event intended to share all faiths so that campus walkers could go shopping for spirituality. I gladly accepted and then got busy. While they were hard at work making beautiful signs to put up all over campus and inviting all the religious organizations, I went to my church. I asked them to pray on a Wednesday night. Not only did the pastor lead prayer, the members each stood up and prayed as the Lord led them. It went on for about 30 minutes… They had my back.

That Friday was the scheduled Merry Meet. My dad decided to go and be in prayer as the event went on and to share Christ when he could. As we were walking up to the Free Speech area in front of the library, I looked back behind me. I cannot tell if I saw an army of angels behind me or if I just knew they were there… but still… they were there. I went to meet the Pagan group leaders and told them I was there and how could  I help. One of the women crouched down and made a creepy screech. What was that?!? It was like out of a SciFi movie!  Within 30 seconds, they decided to disband and they all scattered into the campus pathways. No Merry Meet ever occurred. I watched my enemies scatter as I offered to help. Only God makes that happen.

Why had I forgotten? Why had I come to a place of doubt in my purpose? I am here to serve and honor God. And you won’t find me drinking the Kool-aid. Then I realized, I need y’all to pray for me. While I am here for you, I need you to lift me up. I will enter the lions’ den at times. I will meet Goliath. I only need my stones but my heart has to be ready. What plans does the Lord have for my enemy? I don’t know. I hope redemption. But if not, I must still stand.

Please stand with me, on your knees.

2 thoughts on “David and Goliath: An ALWAYS Urgent Request

  1. Rich Neusse

    1 Sam. 14:6 as I recall reading, I knew the enemies of the Lord would not stand against us the day on that half acre.

    1. allgoodthings2014

      I’m glad you were with me.

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