Green Allopathy vs Whole Body Approach

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I get asked by well intended friends and family if I have a tip, suggestion, or remedy for (insert a disease here.) They want a healthy approach to being symptom free. I respect that desire. However, it is a health food store version of allopathy. “Treat with a herb… symptom goes away… yay me!” Green allopathy is not the job of a holistic health practitioner. It is what happens within the supplement department at a health food store, on-line searching, or maybe a friend’s recommendation.

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As a BioEnergetic Practitioner/Certified Natural Health Professional, I have been trained to see the WHOLE body and it is NOT linear. The body is made of organs, glands, tissues, emotions, spirit, micro organisms, energy… Its a flow system. The symptoms your body communicates with are various and complexly intertwined with other systems. Emotions can affect organs. Organs can throw out your back. Cancer can develop when it gets deep into the cells…. You can spend a TON of money attempting to heal from green allopathy. You can also make yourself sick. Your body needs correct support and balance.

What I love about BioEnergetic testing and support is that the practitioner can eavesdrop on the client’s systems and learn what support their body needs! ALL of it, WHEN it is ready. You wouldn’t want to start a detox if your body isn’t ready. What would happen is that, yes, you may push the toxins out of the cells but if your filters are not working properly, your body will just redeposit the toxins in another place. New symptoms may arise. Toxins may go deeper.

I never “treat” disease. And I don’t diagnose. I give the body the support it needs through nutrition, sarcodes, homeopathic detoxifiers, lifestyle suggestions, emotional support and LOVE. With the right support, YOUR body will heal its own diseases. And give it time, it has some healthy healing work to accomplish. You are created with the powerful ability to heal. Put the right support on your team and you will nourish your whole self!

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