Why I love being a Natural Health Professional

Almost 15 years ago, I was introduced to a new concept. The concept hit me like “High C” and shattered my limited thinking. We are bio-chemical-electrial-spiritual created beings. Really we are so much more. But the area that “resonated” with me the most was the electrical part. What was that about? It was kinda like the day I realized I had neglected to learn about the Holy Spirit. I guess I can even see the connection there. The Father is, well, The Father. Jesus walked on Earth. The Holy Spirit seemed almost like a legend to me because I couldn’t SEE Him. I can’t see electricity most of the time either. (Although, there was that time I had a 3 inch blue bolt of static come out of my finger as I reached for the doorknob!) What we CAN see is the effects of electricity. When God began to create our world, He SPOKE it into existence. Frequency+Intention. TA-DA!!! Light is frequency. Sound is frequency. Heat. What moves the very cells in our bodies? Energy…frequency!!!

Of all the areas in the natural health field, I love Bio Energetic Medicine the most.   It’s the best way to nourish the whole body so it can heal itself the way God designed it. It is the healthcare of the future. The cool part is that it’s been around since, “Let there be light.”

I believe that as it is Masterfully created, the body absolutely has the ability to heal if it is given what it needs.