All Good Things

I turned 40 a year ago. Weeks before, I sat around moping. It wasn’t pretty. The day before, I went to my chiropractor and expressed my utter disapproval over turning 40, with a quiver in my voice. “It’s better than the alternative,” was all he said. I lay on the table silent. About 2 minutes later he asked, “Did I fix it?” Yep. I came home calm and grateful. I know God is sovereign and loves me. Not one day goes by that wasn’t intentionally designed by my Father. So it was then, that I took a deep breath and exhaled… “I have all good things!”

One year later, I started this blog. “All Good Things” has been the theme for my life. I expect it to stay until I see Jesus. And then for ever more…

2 thoughts on “All Good Things

  1. Annie

    James 1:17? 🙂 I always took it to mean every good gift *comes* from above, but just a few days ago realized that it can be interpreted another way. *Every* good gift comes from above. Not just that the good gifts that come are from above, but that they ALL come.

    1. allgoodthings2014

      Yes! Our Lord gives us all good. It’s a matter of perspective and one I hold very tightly when trials are so close.

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